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Thank you for continuing your membership with the Durham Art Guild.

If you have a login and password, most likely you do, please LOGIN HERE to renew your membership. Logging in will allow you to view and track your membership and donations, update your info, and it will make the renewal process more efficient. It is ok if you forgot your login and password. If that is the case, click "forgot password" at the login window and reset instructions will be sent to your email address on file. If you prefer to mail your payment or renew in person,  CLICK HERE for instructions.

If you still are unable to login, then use the form below to renew your membership and we will take care of updating your account.

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Annual Membership Fees
* Membership: Exhibiting Artist Membership - $50 (Renew)
Basic Art Loving Membership - $40 (Renew)
Full-time Student Membership - $30 (Renew)
Supporter Membership - $100 (Renew) (Membership + Membership Scholarship Fund Donation)
Patron Membership - $250 (Renew)
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